The Ubiquitous Ms. Dawngrove (thedarksiren) wrote in cadavre_exquis,
The Ubiquitous Ms. Dawngrove

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It had a banana seat

with orange flowers and fuschia glittering in sunshine-smothered blacktop.
She loved her bike, it gave her freedom like very little else might, and her arse never hurt after riding it, unlike her brother's BMX.

There were tassles and a bell, and she smiled from ear to ear, her pigtails streaming behind her as she flew down Wyandotte Hill. The momentum was exhilarating, the air in her face, whistling past her ears. She closed her eyes, giggling madly, her heart racing when the car came from around the corner, sending her straight into the air...
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and she was flying, flying, flying, falling, falling, falling, until she hit the bed with a jerk and woke up her sister sleeping beside her.