I'm the me I want to be (moonrayzz) wrote in cadavre_exquis,
I'm the me I want to be

I stood there watching as they lowered his casket into the ground, but I wasn't seeing it. I didn't want to believe that my bestfriend was gone. Only 20 and so full of life and the world around us. He'd just proposed to his girlfriend that night. Who could have guessed he'd die that night? And why? Why the hell did they have to put it that way?! WHO the HELL do they think they are?! The stupid f*ing doctors that said he committed suicide?! Everytime I thought about it, I got more angry. I was angry at them for these stupid and hurtful lies. I was angry at God for taking Jon away from me. I was angry at the world for not caring. I was angry at Jon for not being there. I collapsed to my knees by his grave, sobbing. I was alone and the sun was setting. ...
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