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Surrealist games 
11:24pm 08/09/2008
   Hi everyone!
I am currently experimenting on Surrealist games to explore chance and I want to see how other people respond to the games too.

Please go 
for the list of games.

Feedbacks and images of works will be great!


join & play 
02:12am 11/12/2007


“Art has nothing to do with taste. Art is not there to be tasted.” - Max Ernst


How to play exquisite corpse online! 
12:13am 07/12/2007
  Replace [ ] with < >

First Player types:

[p style="color: gray; background-color: gray;"]FIRST THREE WORDS[/p] LAST THREE WORDS

which appears as:



Second player does the same, having only seen the last the last three words. This continues until the end, when we highlight the hidden text and reveal the poem in its entirety!



Tell me a story 
06:46pm 24/06/2007
mood: curious


It had a banana seat 
03:20pm 02/06/2005
mood: creative
with orange flowers and fuschia glittering in sunshine-smothered blacktop.
She loved her bike, it gave her freedom like very little else might, and her arse never hurt after riding it, unlike her brother's BMX.

There were tassles and a bell, and she smiled from ear to ear, her pigtails streaming behind her as she flew down Wyandotte Hill. The momentum was exhilarating, the air in her face, whistling past her ears. She closed her eyes, giggling madly, her heart racing when the car came from around the corner, sending her straight into the air...

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09:47am 07/08/2004

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11:31pm 26/11/2003
  I stood there watching as they lowered his casket into the ground, but I wasn't seeing it. I didn't want to believe that my bestfriend was gone. Only 20 and so full of life and the world around us. He'd just proposed to his girlfriend that night. Who could have guessed he'd die that night? And why? Why the hell did they have to put it that way?! WHO the HELL do they think they are?! The stupid f*ing doctors that said he committed suicide?! Everytime I thought about it, I got more angry. I was angry at them for these stupid and hurtful lies. I was angry at God for taking Jon away from me. I was angry at the world for not caring. I was angry at Jon for not being there. I collapsed to my knees by his grave, sobbing. I was alone and the sun was setting. ...  

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A new story 
05:01pm 21/11/2003
mood: accomplished
I feel hungry, and lost. I feel alseep at the table while writing my novel and awoke, unsure as to where I was and what the time was. The candle I had on my desk had since burned low and gone out completly. The light had gone dark outside as well. I must have been been alseep, perhaps for hours. I stood up and walked over to the only window in the room. I looked outside but saw nothing but darkness. I heard a noise...someone clearing their throat. I wasn't alone in the room.

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01:04am 24/10/2003
mood: curious
I wish we could stir up more interest for this community. It's been way too long since anyone last posted. I'd try, but I have no idea how to promo the community. Beyond that, it can be difficult to explain this community to everyone. I enjoyed it very much when people were active here and I don't know what happened. Wish it was better than it is now.

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a tortured moment 
02:19am 07/06/2003
  This is not a maddening type of experience, or even annoying...just sort of uncomfortable and tormenting. I'm sitting in a room. It's silent and while you'd expect it all to be cold and drafty with just the silence looming overhead, its not. It's not hot, but very stuffy and stale. Even the silence seems to not be there, but there is nothing to be heard over it. It's small and dark and while I know there are others who are more reachable than I perceive them to be, they are not there.  

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12:07pm 25/04/2003
mood: naughty
My hands are bound, I'm on my knees. I can't see a thing, but I can smell a bonfire in the distance. I hear in the distance a motorcycle driving on gravel. I don't know how long I've been here. All I know is that I have been teased, taunted, humiliated. They haven't touched me in a nice way. The whip used hours ago still stings wickedly across my shoulders. There is a hole ripped in my jeans, but I am not wearing anything else. Then, from behind me, I hear her voice...

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12:51am 22/03/2003
mood: creative
So there I was, staring at my own sad reflection in the pool. Why? Why couldn't I be a happy clown? That's all I really wanted. But they said that Norman was to be the last happy clown. No... I had to be a sad clown. Not even that. I had to be a sad MIME. I couldn't even talk! What the hell?! That's when I made my own resolution to do something about it. I could hardly wait till night fall...

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just fantastic 
07:54pm 14/03/2003
  the cat quietly ran across the fence and jumped down into the narrow street. it was in its mouth. i couldn't believe it. it wasn't shiny, it wasn't edible, it wasn't like anything i had ever seen one of the damn things play with--why did it want it? i followed its white blur with my eyes as it snaked down the alley behind my flat and disappeared into god-knows-where. what was i going to tell her when she knocked on the door (exactly seven times; never more, never less) now? i lit a cigarette and slumped onto the loveseat where she and i hadn't sat for a very long time.

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06:17pm 23/02/2003
  my hand it's covered in moss with some small plants weeds growing out pull these out, some are long stringed attatch under the skin. i pull so many that bones of the forarm fall out nothing to hold them there they roll down the yard landing on the edge  

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